First, we'd like to praise you for your foresight and great wisdom in your pursuit to protect your ride. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's discuss the dos and don'ts of successful braking.
  • Do... reduce the stop and go grind. The more city driving, the more stop and go, the quicker the brakes wear down. Simple as that. This type of driving can wear brake pads down faster, which can warp rotors more quickly. If you constantly drive like this, take your car in for at least one brake inspection a year to check for problems.
  • Do not... join the Brake Riders Brigade. Know someone with their foot riding the brake, even when no braking is necessary? Don't we all. Riding your brake is the sure-fire way to wear your pads and warp your rotors from the excessive heat generated, especially at high speeds.
  • Do... cruise with the pace of traffic. Obeying speed limits with conservative driving pays off by preserving the life of your brake parts. So don't tailgate, leave enough room to decelerate and you'll be all set. Doing so will generate less heat, friction and wear. It's a win-win for both the pads and the rotors.
  • Do not... champion your aggressive habits. Aggressive driving leads to last minute braking. The result? Excessive heat cooking your rotors. Continue driving this way and you'll continue to pay more for the brake damage that ensues. Think about how you can avoid this driving scenario and you just might save more than just your brakes.
  • Do... Empty your trunk of any heavy junk. Overloading your vehicle with things you don't need - such as that heavy portable grill - can greatly impact brake life due to the extra weight you're adding to your vehicle. Take stock of what's in your trunk. Remove what you don't need. This should improve your stopping power and eliminate the added stress and weight you're placing on your rotors and other braking parts.