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Is it that dreaded time again? Your tabs are about to expire and you know you have to take your emissions test this year. Courtesy Tire is here to help if your vehicle fails the Washington State emissions test. Our State Certified technicians have the ability to get you back on the road in no time with confidence knowing that your vehicle is fixed right and will pass the re-test with flying colors.

Did you know that any vehicle that is 1996 and newer is no longer tail pipe tested if it's GVRW is less than 8,600lbs ? Instead of taking gas readings from your tail pipe, the vehicle's on-board computers are scanned for trouble codes. If no codes are present, the vehicle passes. If a code is present, the test is automatically failed and you then have to bring your vehicle to a state certified repair facility for repairs before being able to get your tabs. This also means that if your check engine light is on and your car is 1996 or newer, you can be assured that the test result will be a failure.

You would think that it would be smart to just bring the vehicle in for repair if you know that your car will fail the test and save the hassle of having to test twice. However, Courtesy Tire always recomends the opposite. As inconvenient as going to the test center may be, any work performed on the vehicle prior to it being tested cannot be applied towards a waiver if your situation requires it. For example: You know your car is going to fail the emissions test so you bring it to Courtesy Tire before testing and tell us, "I know my car is going to fail and I need you to make it pass before I go down and test.". We then diagnose the problem and come to the conclusion that the catalytic converter needs replacing. Many catalytic converters are very expensive and the estimate for your vehicle totals nearly a thousand dollars to make it pass. You tell us, "There's just no way I can afford that right now!". At that point, you will need to aquire a waiver in order to still be able to get your tabs, but the money you just paid us to diagnose the problem cannot be applied towards the $150 you have to spend diagnosing and/or repairing your vehicle to qualify. Now you have to go take your test and let the car fail as you knew it would already, and then return to us to spend an additional $150 so that we can sign off on your paperwork. This is why it's always smartest to take your test first and potentially save yourself some money.

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